Bloomsbury Natural Capital


Bloomsbury Natural Capital (BNC) has made an initial investment in Xilva, having taken 6%+ of their first convertible loan financing round. BNC will have board representation.

Xilva is an early-stage company, with a staff of eleven and rising. It provides an easy-to-use digital global market place, quickly bringing together capital and forest-positive projects, be they ‘reforestation’, ‘avoided deforestation’ or ‘improved forest management’. It aims to accelerate investment in forests, thus adding to the pace of carbon sequestration, besides yielding biodiversity water and employment benefits.


BNC Is a member of

BNC was established in August 2021 by Bloomsbury Minerals Economics
Directors Peter Hollands (Chairman) Martin Hollands, Barbara Sotowicz

Registered Address:
97 Judd Street, London, England, WC1H 9JG

Correspondence Address:
3 Walton Close, Stowmarket, IP141TL, UK

UK Company Number: 13562370


NB BNC is not accepting unsolicited investment opportunities