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Cascadia Seaweed secures $1.5 million funding from CICE

Cascadia Seaweed, the largest ocean cultivator of seaweed in Canada, has secured funding support from the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy to fast-track the commercialization of its #agricultural products to reduce #greenhouse gases and improve food security.

Cascadia Seaweed has identified scalable solutions that fight climate change and address food security by producing seaweed-derived products for land-based farmers that have the potential to reduce emissions at the megatonne scale.

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Cascadia Seaweed secures $1.5 million funding from CICE


Bloomsbury invests in NeoEco

Neo Eco Ltd trading as neoeco Bloomsbury Information Capital now owns 3.3% of Neo Eco Ltd. End-to-End Sustainability Reporting: Neoeco provides audit-ready reports across the

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Bloomsbury’s 30th Birthday

Bloomsbury, the energy transition and environmental investor, is now thirty years old. In 1993, it was registered on 5th May, then bought off-the-shelf by Peter Hollands

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BNC was established in August 2021 by Bloomsbury Minerals Economics
Directors Peter Hollands (Chairman) Martin Hollands, Barbara Sotowicz

Registered Address:
97 Judd Street, London, England, WC1H 9JG

Correspondence Address:
3 Walton Close, Stowmarket, IP141TL, UK

UK Company Number: 13562370


NB BNC is not accepting unsolicited investment opportunities