Bloomsbury invests in NeoEco

Neo Eco Ltd trading as neoeco Bloomsbury Information Capital now owns 3.3% of Neo Eco Ltd. End-to-End Sustainability Reporting: Neoeco provides audit-ready reports across the whole of the sustainability spectrum: not just Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, but beyond carbon as well Every Framework Accounted For: including GHGP, CSRD, IFRS S1 & S2, and […]

Cascadia Seaweed secures $1.5 million funding from CICE

Cascadia Seaweed, the largest ocean cultivator of seaweed in Canada, has secured funding support from the B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy to fast-track the commercialization of its #agricultural products to reduce #greenhouse gases and improve food security. Cascadia Seaweed has identified scalable solutions that fight climate change and address food security by producing seaweed-derived products for land-based farmers that […]

Bloomsbury’s 30th Birthday

Bloomsbury, the energy transition and environmental investor, is now thirty years old. In 1993, it was registered on 5th May, then bought off-the-shelf by Peter Hollands and Barbara Sotowicz on 3rd June and its name changed to Bloomsbury Minerals Economics on 11th June. It originated in analysis of ore and metals markets, then from 2001 added mathematical models […]

Launch of Xilva’s FOREST+ Portfolio

We are pleased to announce that after months of consultation with sustainability teams and forest project developers, Xilva has launched the Xilva FOREST+ Portfolio – a carefully curated selection of carbon credits from best-in-class forest projects. The portfolio is built around our mission to achieve high integrity and real impact:  ✅ People-centric – The success of forest projects depends […]

Bloomsbury Natural Capital makes first investment in Xilva AG of Switzerland

Bloomsbury Natural Capital (BNC) has made an initial investment in Xilva, having taken 6%+ of their first convertible loan financing round. BNC will have board representation. Xilva is an early-stage company, with a staff of eleven and rising. It provides an easy-to-use digital global market place, quickly bringing together capital and forest-positive projects, be they […]