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Launch of Xilva’s FOREST+ Portfolio

We are pleased to announce that after months of consultation with sustainability teams and forest project developers, Xilva has launched the Xilva FOREST+ Portfolio – a carefully curated selection of carbon credits from best-in-class forest projects. The portfolio is built around our mission to achieve high integrity and real impact: 

✅ People-centric – The success of forest projects depends on the local people. Our portfolio is built around communities: we put wellbeing first to drive environmental performance. We find that projects that aim at establishing strong local community resilience and improved livelihoods are the most stable and most likely to deliver the benefits. 

✅ High Quality – As part of the selection process, projects need to fulfil our rigorous Xilva GRADE assessment. Only 7% of all projects examined makes it to the Xilva FOREST+ portfolio.

✅ Multi-Impact – The blend of interventions in the portfolio generates positive impact across multiple dimensions. Hence we make sure each project in the portfolio delivers at least 3 Sustainable Development Goals

✅ Collaborative – We work closely with the projects to support their continuous improvement. In addition, 5% of all revenues are used to fund additional impact initiatives in the portfolio (e.g. buying cameras to monitor biodiversity)

Some of the projects in the FOREST+ Portfolio:

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Halo Verde

Building long-term partnerships with Timorese farmers by working together on agroforestry, land restoration and sustainable agricultural practices in the central mountains of Timor-Leste.

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Fostering community development through a sustainable value chain around forestry; based on the clean development reforestation mechanism, protection of native species, carbon sequestration, as well as social & environmental impact initiatives.

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Supporting communities in the Tembien Highlands (North Ethiopia) to implement soil and water conservation, support enrichment planting, apply improved management techniques and sustainable production of honey and resins


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