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Martin Hollands


Although originally trained as an ecologist Martin has worked for the last 40 years at the interface between environmental conservation and business sustainability,

During this period he has worked with NGOs, including as Deputy Director of Fauna & Flora International, businesses, governments and international agencies in in both technical and senior management roles.

Martin has experience that covers the extractive sector, energy, forestry, agriculture and tropical commodities. He has chaired both RioTinto & BP Biodiversity Advisory Groups, and has been heavily involved in international policy, representing both civil society and governments, e.g. with the Convention on Biological Diversity, where he has focused on “Mainstreaming” the environment into other sectors.

Martin is a Director of Conservation Policy & Practice, Skarn Associates, Xilva and an Advisor to the board of Bloomsbury Mineral Economics and a Senior Advisor to the board of Cascadia Seaweed.


Bloomsbury invests in NeoEco

Neo Eco Ltd trading as neoeco Bloomsbury Information Capital now owns 3.3% of Neo Eco Ltd. End-to-End Sustainability Reporting: Neoeco provides audit-ready reports across the

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Bloomsbury’s 30th Birthday

Bloomsbury, the energy transition and environmental investor, is now thirty years old. In 1993, it was registered on 5th May, then bought off-the-shelf by Peter Hollands

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BNC was established in August 2021 by Bloomsbury Minerals Economics
Directors Peter Hollands (Chairman) Martin Hollands, Barbara Sotowicz

Registered Address:
97 Judd Street, London, England, WC1H 9JG

Correspondence Address:
3 Walton Close, Stowmarket, IP141TL, UK

UK Company Number: 13562370


NB BNC is not accepting unsolicited investment opportunities